bacterial genome annotation system


We truly believe in open source; but we enjoy more doing things than writing long, grandiose manifests about open science, open data, whatever. So, BG7 is as open source as you can get: AGPLv3 licensed: Affero General Public License v3.

In short, this is a modified version of GPLv3, adding a clause requiring that the complete source code be made available to any network user of the AGPL-licensed work. And, if you want the shortest version:

  • AGPLv3: the most viral, strong copyleft license.

Here’s a nice explanation of AGPLv3, in terms of what you can do with AGPLv3 code

what about dual-licensing?

We don’t like dual licensing; let’s say that it is at the very least confusing. So, BG7 is and will remain open source, AGPLv3-licensed. There will never be a commercial license.