bacterial genome annotation system


BG7 itself needs almost no installation, and its only dependencies are

Hardware requirements

You’ll need a x64 system, with a reasonable amount of RAM: 6-7GB will be ok for most uses.

Next, you’ll find some OS-agnostic guidelines on how to get Java and BLAST on your system.

Java JDK install

First of all, a little note about running BG7 with your favourite JVM: we test everything with Sun (now Oracle) HotSpot JVM, and we recommend using it; this does not mean that Sun JVM is required: things should work with your favourite JVM.

That said, you can get a distribution for your system from

BLAST install

BLAST is fairly easy to install, as there are precompiled binaries for a plethora of platforms. You can get those from

Note that BG7 will not work with the legacy BLAST applications.