bacterial genome annotation system

BG7 is an open source bacterial genome annotation system, specifically designed for NGS data.

It is the result of years of practical experience: we at era7 bioinformatics have been annotating bacterial genomes since the days when 454 GS20 was something new. Given the shortcomings of ORF prediction style annotation systems when applied to NGS data, we decided that it was best to start from scratch and design something with a different approach.

We used it to annotate all of the publicly released genome data from the 2011 E. coli EHEC outbreak, yielding the best annotations by far.

So, summing up

If you need a no-dependencies, open source, battle-tested annotation system for bacterial genomes, BG7 might be what you want.

code and license

BG7 is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3, which you can read at the GNU website. For more about this go to licensing. Code and project development is done at github, in the bg7/BG7 repository. Read code if you want to know how things are structured there at github.


We’re trying to move all documentation to this website (see docs), but right now a bit of it is still at the project’s github wiki.

citing BG7

You should cite

  • BG7: A New Approach for Bacterial Genome Annotation Designed for Next Generation Sequencing Data Pablo Pareja-Tobes, Marina Manrique, Eduardo Pareja-Tobes, Eduardo Pareja, Raquel Tobes
    PLoS One | 2012 | pubmed